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Haro Bikes

For Everyone Who Picked up a Bike

At Haro, they find freedom in riding & from this feeling sparked their love for freestyle BMX. A brand birthed by the crazies, who pioneered the art of jumping bikes, roasting berms corners, and performing back peg balancing acts. The 80’s were a radical time, and in that came Bob Haro & Haro bikes. Producing innovative riding experience throughout not only BMX but other realms of bicycle fun. The rest is History!

Bob’s Cycle Center is a proud dealer of Haro Bikes. Browse our selection online and pick up in-store for free!

All Haro Bikes



Haro builds a broad range of BMX freestyle bikes that help you do just that, from Pro builds all the way down to slightly more affordable yet fully capable machines. They have always had the best professional riders on their bikes, which makes for a great research and development team (minus the white lab coats). The result? See for yourself!


At Haro, they know that the difference between winning and losing is not always what happens on the track. The difference between winning and losing is what happens before the race. Winning is a result of pushing yourself to the limits when the doubters think you can’t. This is the same approach Haro uses to build a BMX Race Bike. Countless hours are expended in creating a geometry that maximizes effort and construction methods that use state of the art materials that trim weight and increase performance. From aluminum to carbon fiber, these same methods have helped Pro’s and Amateurs alike realize their dreams.

Big Wheel BMX

Doesn’t matter whether you choose a 24”, 26” or 29", whichever way you decide to go, you’re now a part of that BMX lifestyle family. If you’ve known Haro since back in the day, those 80s-inspired graphics on the DMC and Bob Haro Freestyler are probably calling your name. New to the scene or just looking for something with a little modern-day flavor? The Slo Ride models will certainly get ya there in style.



Looking for something simple, fast, and efficient? A hardtail is the way to go and no one does it better than we do. After 30+ years in the game sponsoring some of the most prolific MTB riders of the generation, Haro isn’t only the best option to start on, but to also finish with. From their entry-level Flightline series all the way up to the new top-shelf Saguaro, Haro has a ton of shred-worthy options to choose from.

Dirt Jumper

The high-performance Thread series and tried-and-true Steel Reserve models were born and bred for dirt jumps and skate parks. Whether you ride legendary spots like Sheep Hills, Woodward, your local concrete park or the infamous Crankworx events, the full 6061-T6 alloy Thread or 4130 Crmo Steel Reserve models are the bikes that will match your style. Don’t be surprised, these models are packed with all of our BMX DNA, so going big is already in their bloodlines.



While Haro might be new to the drop-bar category, they’ve poured years of experience as both riders and product developers into their debut road bike – the Rivette. Crafted from high-pitch carbon fiber, the race-ready Rivette is an all-arounder that boasts extreme stiffness and aero tube shapes - all at the weight of a climbing bike so you can conquer climbs, carve descents and corner on a dime. Ready to explore beyond the pavement? The soon-to-be-released Buzzard carbon gravel bike has a short rear end and aero shaped seat tubes to let you fly over dirt and gravel roads with the utmost speed and efficiency.



These are the swiss-army knives of bikes; light enough to keep you rolling fast on asphalt and concrete, yet rugged enough to handle potholes, chip-seal, and the occasional bit of weather. Whether you choose the ultra-efficient, minimalist Beasley, the fashionable Soulville, or the perfect-for-a-college-campus Projekt, you can rest assured that every model is purpose built to take on the concrete jungle.

Sport Fitness

Working out doesn’t have to mean endless hours on a treadmill inside a four-walled building; in fact, Haro thinks just the opposite – exercising is best done outside, when you don’t even realize that that’s what you’re doing. Looking for something light and fast that’s pavement-specific? That’s going to be the Aeras models. Feeling a bit more adventurous and want to check out some light gravel and/or dirt roads? Both the Bridgeport and Westlake models are more than capable. Come see for yourself; sweat equity awaits…


Simplify your ride with a Del Sol cruiser. Each model features our famous SuperCruise frame with its laid-back and comfortable geometry for the ultimate in barefoot pedaling. Equally at home on the boardwalk as the cul-de-sac, Del Sol cruisers are the most comfortable way to enjoy life in the slow lane. From the simple Cantina to the moto-inspired Railer Plus, to everything in-between, Haro has your personal cruise covered.


The ultimate expression of modern comfort, the LXI family is designed for today's modern rider. Ergonomically designed featuring lightweight 6061 alloy frames, suspension seatposts, available suspension forks and adjustable stems, the LXI fits today's active lifestyle. Ergonomic grips and the most comfortable saddle this side of a recliner complete the package. Whether it’s cruising the cul-de-sac with the kids, hitting up the local market or a low-impact workout, there is an LXI for every kind of rider.


Electric Commuter

Electric bikes are designed to take the best parts of riding a bicycle and extend them. Make molehills out of mountains with a powerful and efficient electric motor; turn that commute or trip to the store into one that lets you smell the roses along the way, without worrying about the distance. And because they’re pedal-assisted, they won’t go until you do. From the sturdy Skwad with its powerful motor and throttle assist, to the compact Skwad LT featuring a lightweight hub motor, you’ll find your perfect assisted partner for any urban adventure.



The Haro Shredder represents step-1 on the BMX journey - a capable neighborhood bike with deep roots in the Haro Freestyle back catalog. Reborn from its hey-day 30-years ago, the Shredder is light and versatile - thanks to its 6061 aluminum frame - and available in a variety of frame sizes ranging from 12” to 24”. A carefully selected group of Haro branded components complement a quality package and position the Shredder as a great value vehicle for freedom and fun. For those who want to take their riding to the next level, check out the Haro Destinations range and a series of bikes designed and suited to jumping, skate park riding, and going big in the street.

Kids’ Mountain

There are few bonds as strong as the relationship between a kid and their bikes. Bikes represent fun, joy, and freedom, things that begin early and never have to end.

The Flightline Kids Series with its 20" & 24" options make it easy to keep up with Mom and Dad both on and off the trail. Haro’s Plus models equipped with 2.6" tires provide a wider footprint to help soak up rocks, ruts and roots, and a rigid aluminum fork keeps things fast, light and lively. Of course, the disc-brake-spec’d models ensure safe stopping in all weather conditions, regardless of what the terrain looks like.

The Beasley 24" and 26" models elevate street rides with smoother tires and a bit of urban flair thrown in for good measure. If transportation around a hilly neighborhood is a concern, the Beasley is the answer.

Balance Bikes

Time for your child to embark on the journey of a lifetime! A PreWheelz Balance Bike by Haro is a durable, affordable, and stylish way to start your child off in the living room and lead them all the way to an Olympic podium, all from a trusted brand that’s been around for nearly 40 years. PreWheelz come complete with features you won’t often find on competitor’s models. Scuff free and lightweight EVA tires won’t damage floors and are tough enough for outdoors. EZ quick release allows for tool free saddle height adjustment while an oversize padded saddle has a convenient grab handle standard. All this bolted to a lightweight and rust-free 6000 series aluminum frame that boasts an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty for added confidence.

Let’s Get You Rolling

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