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Marin Bicycles!

We proudly carry Marin bicycles!Located between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay, Marin is surrounded by the same trails that gave birth to the sport of mountain biking itself. And, since 1986, they've dedicated themselves to making premier bicycles so that you can enjoy the ultimate cycling experience.

If you’re looking for Marin's test center is where mountain biking was born!a top-notch mountain or road ride, come by and look at, and test ride our impressive line-up to experience the amazing Marin difference. Their outside-the-box thinking and ingenious designs have resulted in award-winning machines. For example, they recently received the All-Mountain Bike of the Year award for their QUAD-Link full-suspension design. And, their Pro-Fit road bikes power down the pavement with Marin's race-tuned geometry and exceptional component packages. Superbly engineered,Marin makes a full line of kid's bikes! ultra-light, reliable, and durable, every Marin is built for the ride of your life.

Marin wants everyone to enjoy cycling, too. So, along with their elite adult bicycles, they make a full line of fun children’s bikes, versatile commuters that let you leave the gas hog home, and cool beach cruisers and comfort bikes with natural upright riding positions you'll love. Whether it’s improving the environment or your health and fitness, or making new friends through cycling, Marin has the bikes that make it possible. Click to enlarge!

Marin has also raised the bar in women’s cycling with their Women’s Fit Geometry bicycles that offer frames and components just for women (click photo). Delivering the same exacting attention to detail as their other models, these beauties boast custom-drawn and butted tubing in each size for the ultimate fit and feel. Marin even specifically tunes women's suspension forks to match women’s weight distribution, and carefully chooses parts to optimize the handling, comfort and fit.

Swing by soon to check out all our wonderful Marin bicycles!

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