Electra bicycles: cool rides!
Cycling's not the exclusive property of Lycra-clad supermen who ride 30mph or risk life and limb launching themselves off cliffs! If you're more interested in fun, comfort, and appreciate a little style, too, you'll love Electra's bikes. These sweet machines are pure joy to ride and so beautiful and unique you'll be the talk of the neighborhood.
 Electra's Blanc Et Noir is one classy cruiser!Electra's Blanc Et Noir boasts a cosmopolitan savoir faire that might just be the ultimate accessory. Its artistic frame has a relaxed, upright position to carry you across town in comfort. The 3-speed internal gearing takes the sting out of hills with virtually no maintenance or hassle. Plus, with the plush saddle, spacious handlebars, stylish fenders, Guggenheim-worthy grips, cool bell and handlebar streamers, this beauty rides every bit as great as it looks.

Cruise in style with Electra's Boney Finger. This skull-and-crossbones logo'd cruiser boasts a light aluminum frame to glide along with ethereal ease. You'll ride in peaceful silence too, thanks to the 3-speed internal gearing that's super reliable, shifts even while you're at stops and eliminates chain clatter, too. Plus, you'll love the plush saddle, fat tires, fenders and Electra's Flat Foot technology, which let's you place your feet flat on the ground at stops for comfort and safety. Electra's Boney Finger isn't scary at all!
Electra's Pajama Party is as fun as a pillow fight! Casual and cute, Electra's Pajama Party delivers days as fun and social as the nights that inspired the name. Its classic frame features an upright seating position and aluminum construction for a light feel that makes riding luxuriously easy. Plus, as you cruise hill and dale with the hassle-free 3-speed internal shifting, you'll be the envy of every neighborhood thanks to eye-catching P.J. paint job.
Tired of high gas prices? This may be the ideal bike for you. Drenched with vintage Electra style, the Amsterdam Classic's steel frame, fenders, built-in light and 3-speed internal drivetrain with fully-enclosed chain serve up a heaping portion of everyday practicality and fun. While co-workers coo over your impeccable sense of style, you'll savor the zippy ride, plush leather saddle, easy-to-use Shimano Revo shifter and fun bell. And you'll never be stuck for a parking spot, either.Electra's Amsterdam Classic is ready to tame the mean city streets!
Electra's Townie 7 puts the fun back in bicycling! You'll love gliding around town on the Townie 7. It boasts a Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub and slick twist shifter that make easy work of the hills and headwinds. The laid-back aluminum frame, suspension fork, wide tires and plush saddle provide a comfy cruise made for lazy afternoons. Plus, you'll dig Electra's Flat Foot technology, which lets you put both feet flat on the ground whenever you want.
Electra puts the pedal to the metal with this mad street machine for youngsters. With its flowing lines, distinctive styling and hot-rod disposition, the Rockabilly Boogy is an inspired ride that's wild and red hot. Boasting 20-inch wheels with 3-inch-wide slicks, a rugged triple-clamp fork, and a race-ready finish, it's bound to make memories that last a lifetime. Electra's Rockabilly Boogy is a classy chassis for kids!
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