Gary Fisher Bicycles!

Gary Fisher bicycles: when you want the best!

Gary has been riding and winning since the 60's!Gary Fisher was one of the pioneering fathers of mountain biking and his innovative spirit is the driving force behind the bike company bearing his name. We're proud to carry Gary's bikes. Here's a little more about the man and his machines.
Who's Gary Fisher?
Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee Gary Fisher has been at the forefront of bicycling since the 70's. His legendary status in mountain biking began when an ambitious group of friends and riders from Marin, California started designing and building off-road bicycles they called "klunkers," and racing them down the steep dirt roads of Mt. Tamalpais. A new type of bicycle and a new sport was launched, and Gary was in the thick of it.

Gary was a champ then and he still is, too, having won the Masters' XC National title and the brutal European TransAlp race. Which means that he's out testing his bikes day in and day out to design better and better bicycles for you.

World-class racers help create world-class Fisher bicycles!Fisher Innovations
Gary Fisher and Fisher bicycles have always led the way on the technological front. From Gary's partnership with Charlie Kelly, which created the first mountain bike, to his promotion of the 29er (the off-road bikes with bigger wheels that roll so well), to the creation of Fisher's Genesis and Genesis2 Geometry (which gives you perfect handling on both the ups and downs), Gary continues to be one step ahead.

As Fisher moves forward, the company remains faithful to their commitment of improving your ride. And, from superior full-suspension race machines to carbon wonder-bikes like the super-light HiFi, Gary Fisher continues to innovate and push the boundaries, creating some of the best-riding bicycles you'll ever swing a leg over.

Swing by soon! Stop on by and we'll happily show you some of our Fishers, and even let you take a test ride to experience the magic that makes Fisher bikes so special!